Super simple task management

Plan something with your friends, your partner, your class or any group of people.

Try it, it's free

Easy to get started.

Create a list of tasks, share it with other people, comment, assign, complete. That's all!

No signup

Works with links that you share with your collaborators so no email or password required.

Super simple

It takes less than 30 seconds to create a project and invite everyone involved.

Totally free

Trixi does not cost money. No subscription, no pricing plan, just getting stuff done.

Made for mobile

Optimized for mobile devices, works in your browser, no app install, no sync problems, no hassle.

Use it for a wedding

Jack and Jill were getting married. They used Trixi to plan everything and keep everyone important in the loop.

It turned out to be just right for managing everyone involved (7 people!)

...or a family reunion

Freddie planned a big family reunion using Trixi. 3 people were tasked with the organisation and had to be coordinated.

Everyone could see the tasks they were assigned on their phones at any time.

...or a coding project

Caspar wanted to make a web project. Whenever he had an idea he was able to enter it into Trixi.

Bit by bit he completed every single task and launched his idea.

I think that's the best tool I ever used. Change nothing!

Mark from Berlin

Love it. But be careful: but you could end up with too much free-time

Amelia from London

This is a great concept. Exactly what my husband needs for his dinner club.

Blanca from San Sebastian